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Touchstones Edition

“Touchstones”¬† Edition

“The book as a structure is the Trojan horse of art – it is not feared by average people. It is a familiar form in the world and average people will take it from you and examine it whereas a painting, poem, sculpture, or print they will not.” – Walter Hamady

One-off Books

  • Body Books
  • Body Book Detail
  • Body Book August - mechanism
  • Body Book August - detail
  • Body Book - August
  • Body Book - August
  • July Body Book
  • July Body Book Inner
  • July Body Book Inner
  • Dive Maze Book Box
  • Diver Maze Book
  • Wounds
  • Body Book inner '6 days'
  • February Body Book

  • Marram
  • 'Diver' Jacob's Ladder
  • Wisdom
  • Touchstones cover detail
  • Touchstones - inner page
  • Touchstones - inner page
  • Touchstones - inner page


Garden Journal

Garden Journal








  • Garden Journal Detail
  • Garden Journal open
  • Garden Journal cover
  • Coptic Binding detail


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    cheryl penn October 28, 2014

    Ruth, your books are BEAUTIFUL!

    • Reply
      ruth shaw-williams October 28, 2014

      Thanks Cheryl, much appreciated!

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